The AFFORDABLE AMG 25 ARCSPRAY System. Makes most small jobs easy to solve. The bearing fit at the right was ground undersize  22 seconds of spraying at a material cost less than $ 0.25 then reground to size. All completed in just minutes. With this compact little power house you can coat carbon steel, cast iron,aluminum, etc. with stainless steel or other corrosion resistant metals. Wear resistant coatings of high carbon steel or hard ,alloy steels, hard stainless steels. The ARCSPRAY is also the most practical method to salvage worn, or mismachined parts. Worn electric motor shafts, bellhousings, pump housings, impellers, pistons, spindles, hydraulic rams, seal areas, molds, patterns, fixtures weldments, rolls, all kinds of shafts. Plus much more. Your imagination is your only limitation.


The AMG 25 ARC SPRAY can spray stainless steel on to cast iron, carbon steel, brass,bronze, aluminum, copper. you can spray aluminum or zinc over iron or steel to prevent corrosion from ever getting started. You can overlay a carbon steel shaft with stainless steel or a very hard wear resistant stainless steel or alloy steel.You can repair worn or damaged parts better than. a new or replacement part. No more waiting for a welded part to cool then trying. to straighten before machining back to the original;



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